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The recipient and inspiration for the first scarf with hair was In 1999 for a little girl, named Taylor. She was a second grade student and the classmate of her daughter Nasia. Taylor suffered a brain aneurism, and had to undergo major brain surgery. The entire ordeal was traumatic, but the loss of her hair caused her to feel ashamed, especially upon returning to school. Taylor was and continues to be our inspiration.

Our scarves, hats, baseball caps, and turbans with hair are unique and give the appearance of a natural hair style. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles and will service and support individuals from every nationality and culture.The custom headwear is an alternative for a wig. Many children are uncomfortable with a wig, and a large number of families are unable to afford costly children's wigs. Our products are very inviting and more affordable.

Resources for bald children are limited. Our goal is to provide special support for children with any form of hair loss. We specialize in children hair styles, and create special headwear for babies, including little girls, into teens, and up to young adults. Our goal is to create miles of smiles, boost the self-esteem and address the Appearance Related Concerns  of children during a time of affliction and uncertainty.  We custom create for kids and our prices are reasonable, fashionable and affordable.

                       ....Our Scarf & Hat With Hair Is Considered Therapeutic....

According to the National Cancer Institute, ONE OUT OF EVERY THREE WOMEN will be diagnosed with CANCER in the United States each year.

Last year alone, over NINE THOUSAND CHILDREN under the age of fifteen were diagnosed with this disease, and over Ten Thousand are usually diagnosed annually.

A major side effect for Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment is Hair Loss

Many Women & Children Will Experience The Reality Of Becomming Bald From This Treatment 


The Mission of Where There’s A Need Inc, is to SUPPORT WOMEN and CHILDREN who have experienced hair loss and baldness, due to CHEMOTHERAPY CANCER TREATMENT, as well as, individuals with hair loss from OTHER MEDICAL CONDITIONS. We are delighted for the opportunity to design and create special headwear, with attached hair and bangs for those with this form of need. We address many appearance related, self image and low self esteem concerns many hair loss patients face. Providing this support will continue to be our mission.  We aim to create miles of smiles and boost the self-esteem of the cancer patients during a time of affliction and uncertainty.


We Aspire To Go Higher
And Will Continue To Meet The Needs
Of The Women And Children Who Need Us Most...


Our Organization & Board Of Directors ~ Believes..........

The NON PROFIT SECTOR should serve a PUBLIC PURPOSE and the SOCIAL GOOD. Our goal is to passionately serve those in need of our service.....Which is why we participate in many forms of community involvement and outreach.

Supporting Women and Children during these difficult times will continue to be our focus.  Hair Restoration, Hair Growth With A Scarf Or Hat

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Serving Underserved Communities With Low Income & Limited Resources**

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We Have the Recipe for Miles of Smiles!

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