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Where There's A Need Inc. Supports Women & Girls Who Experience Hair Loss From Cancer Chemotherapy, Alopecia, Lupus & More

  Custom Creations Of Hats, Scarves  & Head Wear With Attached Hair Continues To Create Miles Of Smiles.

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Supporting Every Nationality & Age Category

Addressing Self Esteem & Appearance Related Concerns​


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This Section Is Dedicated In Memory Of:

Michele Levine

Board Member & 15 Year Commitment To This Organization

We Miss You Dearly

You Are A Beacon Of Light, Forever In Our Hearts

Our Products and Services

We take pride in our wig alternative hair replacements, which

address many appearance related and low self-esteem concerns experienced by

cancer and hair loss patients. Our Organization will continue to support and offer solutions which address these

concerns for women and girls with cancer, alopecia, lupus and more. Our custom creations

and wig alternatives of scarves and hats with attached hair are a valuable resource and the

reason we are referred by: The American Cancer Society, Cancer Care, Susan G. Komen, The National Brain Tumor Society

and many other organizations.

Our organization is expertly guided by a noble purpose and an altruistic sense of humanity.

It is imperative to offer cancer patients a renewed sense of self.

The substantive support offered by our organization takes a very specific unique and

human form. We periodically provide charitable donations to local cancer facilities in underserved communities. We seek to create smiles, comfort and a sense of physical continuity

of appearance for these women and children. We will also continue to support total wellness

consisting of mind, body & spirit

Our vision is to continue to embody The Spirit of Service!


The Mission of Where There’s A Need Inc., is to provide hair loss support for women and girls with cancer, alopecia and more, with our custom creation wig alternative head wear.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to address the appearance related low self-esteem concerns many women and children experience due to hair loss. This is accomplished with our collection of wig alternative head wear which include; scarves, caps, turbans and more, all which include attached hair and/or bangs. We specialize in children’s hair styles because of limited affordable hair loss resources that are child friendly. In addition, we also offer a selection of cultural hair styles, which support a variety of cultures within our growing multi-cultural society.

Every year, over ten thousand children are diagnosed with cancer and every two minutes a woman in the

United States is diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as other forms of cancer. The loss of hair creates

physical anxieties as it relates to a person’s physical appearance.

Our services and products help to navigate many of the afflicted back to a feeling of social acceptance,

personal wholeness and reentry into their social activities. They also improve personal relationships and can enrich ones sense of self.

Our organization is referred by: The American Cancer Society, Cancer Care, Susan G. Komen For The Cure, The National Brain Tumor Society, and a host of: Oncologists , Social Workers, Cancer Child Life Specialists and more.

Our Hair Loss Support Services Are Offered Nation Wide via our web site online store, customer support team.

Web site

Email [email protected]

Toll free # 718-529-3638

Wig & Hair Loss Program

Community Participation

Our Queens Cancer Awareness Wig Program & Partnership With: The American Cancer Society..

 Wigs and Wig Alternative Hair Replacements are donated to women and young adults with cancer who express a need for hair loss support services, and who experience financial hardship.

The location has recently been relocated to the Flushing Queens area of Queens County. Women are also given other free gifts

monthly such as: wool & fur winter hats, caps, scarves, vests, shawls, wraps, belts and more. Special gifts are donated during special holiday seasons to uplift the spirit.

Young Exponents Cancer Awareness School Program


The Young Exponents Cancer Awareness School Program

Motto:    Students Supporting a Cause

 Elementary, Middle &High School Students are introduced to our organizations mission, and our form of support. The students are also educated on the importance of non –profit organizations, charitable services and the importance of volunteer opportunities and community partnerships. The school

program is also aligned with the educational mission and goals for many schools who specialize in health careers.

 Students who participate in the program are shown how to create hair scarves for women and girls with hair loss from cancer chemotherapy treatment.  Their creations are donated to a variety of cancer centers, which treat adult women and pediatric cancers for children. The students are

immediately able to see the benefit of their charitable work at the completion of the program as well as when attending a planned  school trip and cancer hospital visit.

 Students who participate receive a community service certificate of completion and community service credits. Students are encouraged to become leaders and positive

role models within their community.

 Our Organization is a Sole Source Vendor with The DOE, regarding this program,

and hold a patent and copyright for our head wear design.

We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Contact us to learn more!


Email ~ [email protected]